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Founded in 1981

The first dinner was held at Brown University in 1981.
The original location of the Hall was at the Smith Swim Center, Brown University.

The new location of the RIAHOF is in the Tootell Aquatic Center at the University of Rhode Island.

This year's Annual Banquet will be held Friday evening, May 2, 2014 at the Quidnessett Country Club. 

Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame
Dear Friend of the Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame:
                The purpose of the Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame, established in 1981, is to recognize individuals who have brought honor to themselves and the state of Rhode Island through their competitive, teaching, or coaching accomplishments.  Attached is a copy of the contents of a soon to be released media article. Seven well deserving individuals will be inducted on Friday evening, May 2, 2014 at the Quidnessett Country Club. The total accomplishments of these seven honorees are sensational and cover many lifelong memories.    The following individuals are members of the Class of 2014: Paul Brochu, Barry Fontaine, Chris Gleason, Christine Hague, Scott Hassell, Paul Kinloch and Dr. Francis McGovern. Also attached and/or included in this message is a banquet reservation form for this year’s celebration. Please join us! Your presence will add to the significance of the evening.
                 Since 1981, more than one hundred ninety individuals have been previously inducted. Many of our distinguished fellow inductees attend. In addition to honoring new members with plaques and pins at the ceremony, plaques bearing the likeness of each inductee will be enshrined in the foyer of the Tootell Aquatic Center at the University of Rhode Island. The Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame, in effect, is not a one-time effort to honor successful individuals. Rather, it is a lasting memorial which hopefully serves as an inspiration for future generations.   At this time, the Tootell Swim Center is being painted; therefore, the Hall of Fame plaques are not on display. However, soon, the plaques of all inductees will be on display along with the beautiful State Plaque donated in 1981 by Clara Lamore Walker.  
                We invite and encourage you to join us at the beautiful Quidnessett Country Club on May 2, 2014 at 7:00 pm.  The cocktail hour begins at 6:00 pm.
                                                                                                                Ken Reall

Use the information below to get a ticket!

Rhode Island Aquatic Hall of Fame

Reservation Form

May 2, 2014


___ Please reserve our tickets below: ($45 per person). Make check payable to RIAHOF

___ I cannot attend this year’s banquet, but would like to enclose my donation.


Circle person you are honoring:

            Paul Brochu                            Christine Hague                      Dr. Francis McGovern

            Barry Fontaine                        Scott Hassell                          

            Chris Gleason                          Paul Kinloch


Name:             _______________________________________

Address:         _______________________________________ 


Telephone:     _______________________________________


Names of Guests and their choice of menu - Chicken Francaise OR Stuffed Filet of Sole:


            Name _________________________   Food Choice _________________________

            Name _________________________   Food Choice _________________________

            Name _________________________   Food Choice _________________________

            Name _________________________   Food Choice _________________________


Use a second form if you need more space!  Include yourself in the name / food choice list!


“Anyone with special dietary restrictions and/or allergies should inform us.”



E-mail:            _______________________________________

                        (We need your new or updated E-mail)


Kenneth Reall –  Assistant Secretary             Ken_reall@yahoo.com                       401- 230-0032

Victor Bevilacqua -  Treasurer                                                                                    401-255-5897 

Mail Checks To:          Victor Bevilacqua

                                    204 Jefferson Road

            Harrisville, RI  02830

                                   SEND CHECKS BY:   APRIL 21, 2014!


1981 - 1984     Harold Anderson         
1984 - 1986     David Hanson
1986 - 1988     Michael Westkott
1988 - 1990     Ken Reall
1990 - 1992     Tom Manfredi
1992 - 1994     Joe Menard
1994 - 1996     Kevin Salsibury
1996 - 1998     Milt Franklin
1998 - 2000     Richard Burrows
2000 - 2002     John O'Neil
2002 - 2003     Joseph Perroni
2003 - 2012     Christine Hague
2012 - 2014     Matt Gilson

Business Address:
Ken Reall
62 Hull Street
Wakefield, RI 02879

For further information write to Ken Reall, 62 Hull Street, Wakefield RI 02879 or email us at ken_reall@yahoo.com.  You may also contact a board member directly.  Note:  Ken's email is ken_reall. 

Board of Directors

President               Mattt Gilson   
Vice President        Paul McCaffrey           

Treasurer              Victor Bevilacqua
Secretary               Sharon Cleary
Assistant Sec.         Ken Reall
Director                 Victor Bevilacqua
Director                 Cindy Bowden                     
Director                 Dave Hanson                  
Director                 Thomas Gleason
Director                 Paul McCaffrey

Director                 Bert Pellegrini


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