Andy started his swimming career under coach Ed Mongeon at the Pawtucket Boys’ Club in the late 1930’s.  Andy specialized in long distance events, winning New England and National A.A.U. events just prior to World War II.  During WWII he served in Europe in the Army Air Force.  These war years interrupted his swimming career, but at the conclusion of the war in Europe, Andy had a chance to once more distinguish himself in an international swimming meet held for servicemen stationed in Europe.  The meet was held in Nurenburg, Germany in 1945, with many former U.S. Olympic team members from the 1936 Olympics competing.  Andy won both the 400 and 1500 meter  events in that meet!  Some of his competitors included former Olympians such as Taylor Drysdale of Michigan State; John Meyer of Yale; and Keo Nakama of Hawaii.  This had to be Andy’s greatest achievement, and he was presented medals by our former President, then General of the Army, Dwight D. Eisenhower!  Andy returned to Rhode Island and became swimming coach at the Pawtucket Boys’ Club.  His teams won the New England Senior Boys’ Club championship in 1953,1954,1955.  Some of his outstanding swimmers who later starred in college included Dave McIntyre, Frank Mercel, Bob Adams, Alan Carpenter, and Bob Plourde.  Andy’s untimely death from a heart attack cut short his promising career at the age of 37.