Retired Professor of Physical Eduction at the University of Rhode Island.  Prior to his position at the University, Carl was the Water Safety Director of the Providence Chapter of the American Red Cross from 1941 to 1952.  He officiated A.A.U. and high school competitive swimming and diving events during these years.

Carl was one of the first persons in the state and nation to teach swimming to the handicapped children when he worked at the Bradley Hospital in East Providence back in the 1930’s.  During the war years, Carl taught survival training for the Navy at Quonset and Melville.

In 1972 the National office of the American Red Cross recognized Carl’s contributions to aquatics by bestowing their highest aquatic award, the “Golden Whale Award”, in recognition of his outstanding achievements as Water Safety Director in the Providence office.

He is a graduate, in 1932, of Springfield College, where he was a member of the swim team, track, football, and the nationally acclaimed gymnastics teams in college.

In 1952 Carl was appointed Professor of Physical Education at the University of Rhode Island, a position which he held until his retirement in 1975

After Carl’s retirement from the University of Rhode Island, his energetic personality persuaded the college to award the title of “Professor Emeritus”, allowing him to teach on a part time basis at the university.

Presently, at age 80, Carl continues to teach part time with an elder-hostel program of physical fitness at the Neighborhood Guild in South Kingstown for the town Recreation Department.

It is evident that Carl has been involved in every phase of aquatics for an unprecedented period of time, spanning over 50 years.

Carl is to be remembered as a pioneer in many of the Red Cross Water Safety programs, as well as YMCA programs.