Carol Farley Peckenham

1991 Special Award of Recognition


            For the past 25 years Carol Peckenham of Lincoln has been recognized as one of the finest teachers of preschool swimming in Rhode Island.  From her early days at Pawtucket YMCA to the present, at Cumberland Lincoln Boys’ Club, Carol has effectively taught thousands of children to swim. Many of these children went on to swim competitively and a number of them are now successful coaches.

            In addition to her success as a teacher, Carol is noted for the excellent job she did as Executive Secretary of the Rhode Island Coaches and Officials Association  During her 10 years as an officer she directed many age group and senior championship meets and maintained a comprehensive set of records which are the center of information for Rhode island Swimming during this time span.

            Carol and her husband organized a group of parents interested in starting competitive swimming at the Lincoln High School and raised enough money from fundraisers to financially support the team for three years.  Through their efforts competitive swimming became a reality at Lincoln High School.

            Mr. and Mrs. Peckenham have raised children who were all excellent swimmers.  Two of their daughters are currently coaching in Rhode Island. Carol continues to support Rhode Island Swimming as exemplified in 1990 when she directed the Bay View Invitational Swim Meet.