David was a competitive diver for Springfield College and became a College Division II All-American in one meter diving in 1964.  He received his undergraduate degree in 1965 and completed his graduate work at New Mexico State University in 1967.  Dave acted as a diving coach at New Mexico State University from 1965-1968 and from 1968-1972 served in the U.S. Navy.

            Following his discharge from the Navy, Dave was offered a position on the physical education staff at New Mexico Institute of Technology.  In 1972 he came to Brown University as Brown’s Diving Coach and Assistant Aquatic Director.

            In 1987 Dave was selected Coach-of-the-Year by the Women’s Eastern Collegiate Swimming and Diving League.   He served as Meet Director for the 1976 Division I National Championships; and, also for the A.I.A.W. National Division Championships. Dave served as chairperson for both the Easter Women’s and Men’s Swimming Leagues.  On occasion the Rhode Island Swimming Officials Association has used David’s consulting expertise in the field of competitive diving.  Dave has served with the Junior and Senior Olympics National Championships and the Men’s and Women’s Eastern Intercollegiate Championships as judge and diving referee.  Dave is Currently serving as Co-chair of the NCAA Zone A Diving Coaches’ Group and as Chairperson for Registration for the New England Association of U.S. Diving.

            Some of Dave’s diving champions have included All-American Noel Keefer, 4-time NCAA Division National qualifier Sue Lofgren and 2-time NCAA Division I National qualifier Charles Chester.  Dave has also coached several Rhode Island High School, AAU, and U.S. Divers to New England Senior National championships.