The dean of Rhode Island Water Safety, his career as a lifeguard and water safety instructor dates back to 1923.  Frank was recently awarded a  “60 year” pin for service to the state in all phases of water safety, lifesaving, and recreational safety.  He gave the first lifeguards’ examination back in 1923.  

In the late 1930’s he organized the first rescue squad in Cumberland, and during WWII, Frank taught survival swimming for inductees in Providence.

He organized the first “Learn to Swim” program under Ed Mongeon at the Pawtucket Boys’ Club in 1938, which later was carried on at all of the boys’ clubs in the state.

in 1944 the state appointed him Director of Bureau of Aquatic Safety, which later became the State Recreational Director’s position.  He set up Rhode Island’ first system for certifying lifeguards.  Under his guidance the state was a pioneer in certifying lifeguards for both public and private swimming areas.  Since the start of his career in the 1920’s, Frank has held the following positions:  Chairman of Water Safety for the Red Cross in the Pawtucket-Blackstone Chapters; Director of the R.I. Bureau of Aquatic Safety; Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Cumberland-Lincoln Boys’ Club; former Deputy Director of Civil Defense in Cumberland; former Safety Instructor for the U.S. Bureau of Mines.  He is over 80 years of age, and is still active in many of the above positions.

During the 1954 Hurricane, Frank was appointed by then Governor Roberts to take over rescue operations in the flooded Woonsocket area.  Many people to this day, claim that Frank’s decisions in handling this crisis saved untold numbers of lives.  Shortly after the hurricane, Frank was honored with a testimonial, at which he was awarded numerous civic commendations.

Over the years Frank designed and built special rescue equipment, including a ski boat for ice rescue and a toboggan stretcher for ski rescues.

In 1977, the General Assembly of the State of Rhode Island honored Frank by authorizing that the state beach at Lincoln Woods be name “FRANK MOODY STATE BEACH.”