Jack began his swimming career with the Pawtucket Boys’ Club and Pawtucket High School, setting numerous records in both AAU and Interscholastic swimming events.  Jack attended Worcester Academy, where he set the National Prep School record in the 44o yard freestyle.  He was recruited by Ohio State University, where he became the NCAA runner-up in the 440 yard freestyle and the 1650 yard freestyle events.  Jack was the Big Ten Champion in the 440 free, and he was elected to the All American team nine times during his collegiate career at Ohio State.  In AAU swimming for the Ohio State team, he was member of the 800 meter freestyle relay team that established the American and World record.  During WWII, Jack served as an infantry platoon leader in the South Pacific, with the rank of Captain in the Marine Corps.  While coach of the University of Florida after the war, Jack was chairman of swimming for the state of Florida; a member of the United States Olympic Committee; a  member of the United States Rules Committee; past president of the colleges coaches association; as well as President of the Eastern Intercollegiate Swimming League.  He is also a member of the United States  AAU Swimming Committee, and a director on the Swimming Hall of Fame Committee.  Jack was selected as Coach of the Year in 1972 for the NCAA Division II, and had the honor of being selected to the first group of coaches to receive the title “Master Coach” by the Collegiate Swimming Organization.  He has also been active as a meet director for the National AAU Diving Championships for men and women, the NCAA Swimming and Diving Championships and has directed the Eastern Seaboard Swimming and Diving Championships.  Jack assumed the role of coach at the United States Military Academy, West Point, in 1959.  He has had a highly successful career at West Point, winning 197 dual meets and the Eastern Intercollegiate League Championship in 1965-1966.