Louise Sherlock had the opportunity to swim with some of the greatest swimming coaches in Rhode Island during the 1940’s.  She began her career under the guidance of Joe Watmough at the Olneyville Boy’s Club, and then when Joe went to Brown University, she swam for another great coach, George Patrick.  Although she enjoyed swimming for George, she sought the coaching of Roy Watmough at the Wanskuck Boys’ Club.  These coaches all helped to launch her career in swimming.

She swam on the New England Senior AAU circuit from the earliest age possible, twelve, right up through her college years at Pembroke.  At this young age she won three Junior New England AAU titles in the 100 yard freestyle, the 110 backstroke, and the 150 yard individual medley.  She continued on to win countless more New England titles in all of the freestyle events, although she was probably best known for her records at the middle distance.  She showed her versatility by also winning New England titles in both the backstroke and the individual medley.

One of the most challenging realities of her early swimming career was that she had to compete in the long shadow of Clara Lomore Walker.  She did this with distinction, and when Clara was ready to step down, Louise was there to take over the reigns.  She established and set numerous standards, but two stand out.  At the age of seventeen, she was selected by the Boston Record-American Advertiser as the “Female Swimmer of the Year” in New England.  That was in 1949.  Louise won two National Junior Titles in the individual medley, and the 2 and 1/2 mile races.

After graduating from Brown in 1953, Louise went on to an illustrious career in Education.  She received her Ph.D. from Cornell University, and was awarded a Senior Post Doctoral Fellowship at Stanford University from 1968-1969.  She became an Associate Professor at Dartmouth College, a position she held for twenty years.  From there she went on to teach at the University of Texas at Dallas, and currently, is at the University of Connecticut.