Patricia Lund

2001 Special Award Recognition


Water Safety Instructor and Synchronized Swimming coach and participant, Patricia was instrumental in promoting water safety. She directed and participated in the YWCA’s Nereid Swimming Club water ballett and synchronized swimming programs. From 1958 to 1968 she taught synchronized swimming and conducted many shows throughout Rhode Island.

In 1961, Patricia held the position of Water Safety Chairman for the Barrington Red Cross Swimming Program. She volunteered for the Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor and was acknowledged for over 300 volunteer hours of service to the Red Cross.

She also served on two National Aquatic School staffs and became Water Safety Chairman for the Providence branch of Red Cross. At the Providence Red Cross she was a fixture as an instructor. She served for many years at the American National Red Cross Aquatic School at Camp Kiwahe and Camp Tevya (15 schools).

                        In 2001 , Patricia was presented the Red Cross’s Commodore Longfellow Society Award, the organization’s top award for volunteers, for her long time service to aquatics.