Richard “Dick” Reynolds

1983 Special Award of Recognition

In his 32 year career as a schoolboy sports editor for the Providence Journal Bulletin, Dick became one of the Rhode Island’s greatest ambassadors of good will.  He organized the People-to-People program that sent R.I. athletes on 45 trips to foreign countries and brought foreign teams to this state, and he initiated swim team exchanges between England and Rhode Island that was adopted by the R.I. Swim Coaches and Officials Association.  An unpretentious man, who often makes himself the butt of his jokes, Dick is in great demand as a toastmater at Athletic Banquets, and his wit is a delight to all who have attended these affairs.  The graduate of Hope High School earned a Phi Beta Kappa key at Brown University and was a Francis Wayland scholar.  Dick was Brown’s first full time sports information director before joining the Providence Journal.