William McCarthy

1989 Special Award of Recognition

For the last twelve years Bill McCarthy, a father of fourteen children and a grandfather of fifteen, has joined numerous participants in the Save the Bay Swim, a 2.2 mile stretch of Narragansett Bay between Newport and Jamestown.  He also has competed in the annual Victory Day race (formerly called the VJ Day race ) at the Bristol Town Beach and sponsored by the Bristol Recreation Department.  This year will mark the eighteenth year Bill has competed in this event.

Bill began swimming twenty years ago as a fitness activity and much of his swimming in his early training days was done at the beach.  Encouraged by 1988 inductee Jim Edwards, Bill is now participating in Masters competition and can often be found swimming laps at the Bristol Y.M.C.A.  Mr. McCarthy exemplifies one who benefits from the pleasures of swimming for fitness.  He has maintained good health and equally important, he has had fun!